The Stairs by Valentino Borghesi

Prestigious objects, beyond fashion and time

For over thirty years Valentino Borghesi has been designing and creating works in steel combined with pure materials such as crystal, wood, marble and stones.

His creations range from custom-made staircases in all shapes, helical, spiral and many others, to furnishings for shops, companies and private homes.

Steel and Crystal Staircases

Steel and Wood Staircases

Custom Design Furnishing

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NEW - Unica

The self-supporting modular indoor staircase

For over 30 years, Valentino Borghesi has been synonymous with handcrafted stairs, unique pieces with an unmistakable design.

With UNICA, the company offers architects and private individuals a product with the same quality characteristics as the previous ones, but with an enormous innovation: the unit of measurement is a single step, which the designer can assemble regardless of the light to be covered without any limitation.

UNICA from all points of view.